The importance of the theater can be traced back to the community and their memories of the place, for much of the community the theater has always been an active part of the Boyne City lifestyle. The theater being used can be traced back generations where individual’s grandparents were going to the Opera House to view shows and can be traced all the way down to people who remember going there to see movies. The younger generations are being hurt by the closure of the theater because they will be the only ones who will be unable to make lasting memories about a local town monument; instead all they see is a dilapidating building that looks more haunted then fun.

Memories are one of the driving forces behind the project, many of those involved remember what it was like to go to the theater or remember working there and wish to see it return to its former glory, instead of remaining in its sad broken state. The memories of the great theater show that something as simple as a local theater can be engrained within the citizens of a small town for generations, this is why the project exists, the Boyne City Main Street Program know how much this theater could mean to the community in terms of creating new memories and making new friends and continuing the success of the town in terms of growth and economy.