The Boyne Theater has been major part of the community of Boyne City Michigan; the theater was built in 1903 and was called Bellamy Opera House after its builder C.I. Bellamy. The theater could fit hundreds of people and was a key part in the lives of the members of the community. The opera house acted as a focal point of the town and provided entertainment and a gathering place for the populace.

As 1914 approached the opera house would see a major renovation take place that would begin its transformation into a theater. The renovations would take place between, 1914-1915, during which the populations would see several major changes take place such as a brick extension to the building out onto the street front allowing visitors to walk right in, a new lobby was built to accommodate guests as well as a new interior and lightning system.

In 1926 the theater was bought by a Mr. Heaton and was officially renamed to the Boyne Theater. As 1938 rolled around another renovation occurred that saw the entire front of the theater demolished and changed to its more current look, as well as this outer change the inside of the theater was greatly rearranged and the seating was increased to accommodate 578 patrons.

As the decades rolled on the theater saw a decrease in revenue before finally shutting it doors for good in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, before this time another major renovation took place, to increase revenue the theater added a second scream by building a wall down the middle of the auditorium as well as adding a second floor dance club connected to the bar next door. In 2008 the new owners of the bar reached out to the Boyne City Main Street Program in an effort to save the decaying theater with the hope of preserving such a key piece of history.